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Sometimes when golfers are challenged with playing on a overcrowded golf course the rounds becomes.. who will win the battle of the nerves?  The golfer or the golf course management?

Pace of Play is an Issue

It is getting that time of year when the winds get chilly and the days get shorter.  For golfers, Winter is a very frustrating time of year.  To get in a full round of 18 holes and get other things done during the day, playing golf in the Winter becomes rather challenging ordeal.  Throw in a 30 minute wait on backed up tee times and then play 5+ hour round of golf..the golf course seems to lose on pace of play.… Continue


Texas Hill Country Golf Works Well: Business Golf

by Mr Business Golf November 6, 2012

HBR aerial I have said it before and will say it again..there is no better place to build a business relationship than on the golf course.  What makes building that relationship easier is to play golf at a quality oriented golf facility.  The Marriott Horseshoe Bay Resort in Horseshoe Bay, Tx, is one of those quality minded golf resorts.

If you have not been to the Hill Country of Texas you are missing some breathtaking scenery.  The Hill Country of Texas is located in the center of the state starting around Austin and San Antonio and going west. … Continue

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What Attracts Golfers to Become Country Clubs Members?

by Mr Business Golf October 18, 2012

From time to time over the past several years I have received a large number of calls from country club managers or board members who are interested in what I have to offer to help attract golfers to becoming members of their private clubs.  I thought in light of the NGF releasing their recent report on Private Club Desirability, that maybe it was time I posted a blog that captured some of my thoughts on this issue and provide what I have found from asking this question to the golfers I have run into in my travels.… Continue

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What Sponsors of Pro Golf Tournaments Are Missing Out On

by Mr Business Golf May 20, 2012

courtesy of Most of the world gains their knowledge of Golf from watching the professional golf tournaments on TV.  A good number will venture out learn more by attending one of these events.  Most all of these people are also aware of the fact the sponsors of these events are who pays for the production of these events.  Eventually, the questions will be asked…

Do the Sponsors of these events really get anything of value in return from the millions of dollars they pump into these events?Continue

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Private Golf Clubs: Social Media Should Be In Their Goal

by Mr Business Golf April 6, 2012

Clubhouse2. I recently spoke to 110 members of the Golf Association of Philadelphia on the subject of Social Media-How Private Golf Clubs Should Use It.  I was exciting to learn the GAP is looking towards the future of the golf industry and searching for ways to deal with the change facing golf today.  Hopefully, what I offered them will get them on the way to success.

Change or Be Changed

One of the issues most private golf clubs are addressing is how to deal with the culture change and the next generation’s attitude towards private golf clubs.  As more and more people and business accept the new technologies associated with improving their lives, so will private golf clubs.  Understanding social networking and how social media works is a must if a private golf club expects to solve this problem.… Continue

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