What makes me stand out in the changing world of the PGA?

by Dave Bisbee on March 22, 2011

clip_image002[5]There was a time when becoming a PGA professional meant a fairly certain career path. One was you played for a living: the other was becoming affiliated with a private or public course. Even in today’s environment, the number of career options available to the PGA professional has grown exponentially. With the number of alternative careers increasing, each individual is left to wonder what career path is best suited for them? And how do they get there?

The good news is everyone has a chance to stand out. Everyone has a chance to learn, improve, and build their skills. Everyone has a chance to reformulate themselves into whatever they want.

Try it now: as of this moment you’re going to think of yourself differently! You’re not an “employee” of the Country Club, you’re not a “staffer” at GolfSmith’s, and you’re not a “rep” at Footjoy. You don’t belong to any task for life, and your chief affiliation isn’t to any particular “function”. You’re not defined by your job title and you’re not confined by your job description. Your focus should be how you can most effectively pursue what you love about golf in a variety of ways that are natural because they also build on your individualism, and utilize your unique strengths.

clip_image002Where the Change Begins

eGolfGroup is a leader in the human performance field and highly regarded for their innovative approach to personal and professional development. Numerous Fortune 500 companies rely on their iMap Profile® to illuminate the unique personality characteristics that allow individuals and then organizations to succeed. David Bisbee, at Sedona Golf Resort in Sedona, AZ and Founder of eGolfGroup has adapted this powerful resource to the golf industry.

The thrust of the program is to use the profile as a method of Self-Discovery. Then to leverage this to improve how you teach, how you manage, and how you play. That same self-awareness is certainly a major part of the foundation of success and ultimately happiness in the workplace. Your ability to secure a job, and ultimately a career in which you will thrive, depends on how well you can match yourself with the opportunities available. The insights gained from the iMap program will extend into every facet of your life and enable you to be the architect of your own success. Check out this Link:  www.imapmylife.com/coaching/dbisbee

The Results

“Gain customers through improved student performance”

Here are just a few of the results you will realize after completing the iMap Profile.

What is your style?

You have probably noticed despite the consistency of your instruction some students learn and progress faster than others. Of course there are a number of contributing factors, but one of the most important is frequently overlooked. It’s the degree to which students “link” to the instructor’s teaching style.

What happens when teacher and student “link”?

In a nutshell, some students “Learning Needs” are better suited than others to your Teaching Style. When Style matches Need a natural flowing teacher-student relationship develops which, in turn, produces faster and better results.

iMap has developed a way for golf professionals to quickly and accurately identify students’ learning needs so they can make small, almost imperceptible, adjustments to their teaching styles to insure that the “link” is right. The students benefit more from their time with the pro, and the pro delivers higher value to them. This higher value translates into higher income for you. It’s truly a win-win situation.

Can you identify student need?

If you’re serious about successful golf instruction, it’s important to learn what we’ve discovered and how it can help you and your students. The iMap Performance Profile® and Interpretive Guide® can absolutely and accurately identify a golfer’s learning style and motivational needs and give you the specific insights you need to guarantee they will get the most out of your lessons and their practice time.

“I still can’t believe how spot-on my golf pro was. I’ve dropped 4 strokes in the last month, since I completed the Performance Profile” . . . Bob l., Intermediate Golfer

“I’ve started getting a lot more referrals since I began using The Performance Profile. This is the way it’s supposed to be” . . . Tom B., Golf Pro

The Performance Profile has become the most important half-hour of the first lesson with all my new students, and they’re just as excited about it as I am” . . . Rebecca A., Golf Pro

Dave Bisbee

Dave Bisbee has been around the golf business for 30 years and brings to Biz Golf Guru his experience as both a business owner and golf professional. Dave will serve as the anchor for the Biz Golf Guru team of contributors by offering his unique insights of business golf as seen through the eyes of someone who has managed golf courses, golf companies and as a golf teaching professional.

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