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by Krista Hartman on April 25, 2011

Thinking All Things GolfFor the last two months, since I began the journey of bringing She Kan! Golf to the web, I’ve been enjoying getting out the mementos I’ve saved for 40+ years of golf in my life and sifting through many many photos where some of my fondest memories of family, my husband, and my friends are preserved.

Also, I’ve been scouring old golf publications I’ve collected, and searching Google for all things golf and life, golf and business. I’ve come across so much information about the state of the golf industry, the golf “business” today, last week or within the past couple years, and some of it saddens me, or I guess it really bugs me – especially the stats for women’s golf.

The Right InvitationFor example, “The Right Invitation: A Comprehensive Study to Guide the Golf Industry to Meaningfully Increase Women’s Golf Participation and Satisfaction,” completed toward the end 2009 by the Sports & Leisure Research Group.  The objective of the study was to “identify strategies and tactics that provide a more inviting experience and increases satisfaction, participation and retention of women golfers.”  OK – I love this objective. 

And, this study also introduced me to the concept of Lapsed Golfers (less than 8 rounds in the past 12 months).  After reading it, I asked myself, “KK, have you been a Lapsed Golfer these last several years?” (Role video of KK sorting through collected score cards from recent years).

My answer is “Mmmm, yes, sort of, from time to time.”  But my answers are different than those site by this study.  Here’s some reason’s why.  First, Life happens. Lapse No. 1.  In late 2006, my husband and I relocated from Chicago to Dallas.  Cool for me, right? A state and a climate where year round golf is played.  Well – we also bought our first home, and fun “DIY-fixer-upper.” 

So naturally with the “fixer-upper” and no job pressure when we moved, I dove into the projects I could manage in our home, and hung out for 8 months while our contractor and crew did the heavy lifting and the hard work.  Often we elected to work around our house and yard on a beautiful North Texas sunny Saturday instead of play golf. 

We only golfed maybe 5-6 times locally, and then of course on our vacations.  But, consequently – my over use of the power tools, hammers, and shovels aggravated the right arm so much so that golf was verboten and two surgeries were required to fix me before golf would be a painless (that’s funny really) experience.  Thus, Lapse No. 1.  UGH! 

High point of Hot SpringsNovember 2007 to April of 2009.  Physical therapy, followed by surgery on my right wrist (March 2008) followed by right shoulder surgery (August 2008) followed by more Physical Therapy.  Combined with missing golf more than I realized I would, and the fact I wanted a new career, I decided to take a shot at the Golf Sales Rep. arena here in North Texas.

In the late 80’s most of the Sales Reps I knew from the PGA Iowa Section who called on my club and those I met at the PGA Show each January in Orlando were really nice people, appeared to be enjoying their careers, making a nice living, playing golf quite a bit.  Sounds good huh?  But… there’s this new deal 25+ years later called the Internet, and Sales Reps really aren’t doing as much as they traditionally used to, and in 2009’s economy, running around with samples on hot Texas days only to find shops closed, or lots of merchandise marked down already, and/or pros not really interested….well that was challenging and ultimately made for bad mojo in that “new career” journey I was on. 

Margarita and 3 iron SmallerBut, I did re-join EWGA and got myself back playing lots of golf and loving it.  Match play, Saturday events and fun play days with a great new group of girlfriend golfers.  During this time I dove into developing my Coaching Business, and when the cold temps. arrived in North Texas in 2009, Lapse No. 2 began.  A half-lapse because I did play more than 8 rounds, but they were unsatisfying (not from the Social aspect, but from my own set of expectations aspect).

She Kan 2010 LogoReminder, Life happens!  1) I wasn’t practicing and playing very much (my time was devoted to Coaching school, business development and most things Entrepreneur for She Kan! Kompany;  2) My new clubs were stolen out of the garage and I was watching expenses (starting up a new business), thus did not quickly replace the stolen clubs (used the 15 year old set when I played), and 3) when I did go out to play, it was (my game was) lack luster.  That bad mojo again.

In comparing my idea of what my “Lapses” are to the Sports & Leisure Research Group’s report, I don’t truly find mine are  reported there, however, I did find the phrase “conflicting priorities” and I can make that work to a point.   And, a friend from Dallas EWGA tells me at the EWGA Golfapolooza earlier this month it was reported, “Women are the fastest growing segment for golf and golf equipment today.”  This is good news, I want more information please.

 So I respectfully request the Sports & Leisure Research Group do another study of women golfers who are entrepreneur’s, small business owners, women who aren’t moms or if they’ve been mom’s, their kids no longer require sitters, and other women golfer factors beyond the 2009 study.  It’s too important to the future of women’s golf not to delve deeper.  I’m happy to help. 

BucketofBallsNow I suggest what Lapse No. 3 (again half- lapse) currently is.  I’m a half-lapsed golfer because I’ve been in my own way.  Why? Setting my expectations way too high for where I’m truly at “at this moment” with my game.  The days of my 4, my 7, even my 9 handicaps are in the record books of my life accomplishments.  Today I sit at an Index of 10.9.  Even if the 10.9 index might be temporary, I’ve still got some work to do to get past this latest half-lapse. 

Krista Hartman

Krista Hartman, aka KK of She Kan! Golf is located in Dallas, TX. Head Coach, Chief Motivator and Dreamer - Creator of She Kan! Kompany and She Kan! Golf. Member of Business Golf Country Club – Business Golf Advisory Group. Advocate for all things golf, especially Women’s Business Golf, and partnering what’s good about the game of golf with everyday life skills.

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