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by Dave Bisbee on May 1, 2011

looking for my ballI just got back from a trip to Grand Junction, Colorado where I presented a seminar for the Colorado Section of the PGA and their spring meeting. As you can see from the picture winter has not given up its’ grip in the high country. I actually got stuck behind an avalanche which closed the road going over one of the passes between Durango and Silverton…you just aren’t expecting that kind of thing when it is nearly May but then the weather everywhere has been a bit crazy.

Back to the subject… there were 50 some golf professionals that attended the meeting and program which I titled “ iMap My Golf Career: Where do I fit in the changing world of the PGA?”. I always find it interesting when introducing a group to our assessment tool, the Birkman, how profound the information seems to be for them. It’s almost like they are meeting themselves for the first time.

Let Me Introduce You To You

The profile helps to define an individuals unique qualities and strengths, what kinds of things they have passion for, what kind of support they need to be successful, and what causes them stress. We then start to examine what it is they do to make a living in the golf business and whether or not it matches up to their profile. Probably 30 to 40 percent of the attendees are in some kind of transition with their career. Either they have been let go because of the economic challenges being faced by a majority of golf courses, or sense that it could happen to them. Some have just become disillusioned with where they are in their career and are looking for something more fulfilling.

By the end of the program you could see some of the light bulbs going on… or maybe it was just the sun coming out from behind a cloud… but in the Q&A that followed you could tell that many of them were looking at themselves and their careers in a different light. Many of them agreed that for the most part they had gone in their career where they were led, which for the most part meant taking the job that was open and trying to fit themselves to it versus finding the job that fit them and would utilize their natural strengths leading to that sense of fulfillment they desired.

At any rate they now had  tools and insights to help them map a new course in their careers. And for those who were happy and successful where they were it simply validated the fact that they were in the right situation and gave them a way to articulate why it was a good fit.

Do I have a great job or what? I’ll see you next time.    

Dave Bisbee

Dave Bisbee has been around the golf business for 30 years and brings to Biz Golf Guru his experience as both a business owner and golf professional. Dave will serve as the anchor for the Biz Golf Guru team of contributors by offering his unique insights of business golf as seen through the eyes of someone who has managed golf courses, golf companies and as a golf teaching professional.

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