What Do Country Clubbers Do?

by Mr Business Golf on May 18, 2011

business-person-image Yes, there really are a number of people..a large number I will presume..that have never been to a Country Club.  It is not surprising if you stop and do the math.  Not everyone can afford to be a member of a country club and a vast number of people probably could afford to be a member of a country club but choose not to.

But, really, what do people do at a country club?  This question has been asked of me several times and gets me to thinking about what it is I do at the country club.   I really did not realize there is a lot to do at a country club.

Golf Addict

Of course, if you play golf and want to play a LOT of golf, Country Clubs that have golf courses are the place to be.  Back to doing the math..if you figured you play, or want to play, three or more rounds of golf a week at public courses you probably would be better off financially getting a membership to a country club where the golf is included in the monthly fee.  The quality of golf and the environment you play golf in is more relaxed.  Yes, it can be more formal, but that is part of playing golf.

Built in Restaurant

Most country clubs pride themselves in the quality of food they offer their members.  As a member, the country club makes for an outstanding place to go have a private meal.  The country club dinning room can also be a place where people gather to socialize. 

Yes, unfortunately, the country clubs dinners are usually a little spendy.  Interesting enough, most of the country clubs have not caught on to the fact they are sitting on one of the best opportunities to raise revenue for their clubs if they managed the private dinners like a upscale restaurant.  But, that observation is for another blog.

Business Meetings

A country club for holding business meetings is not the first place a company executive thinks of when it comes time to hold staff meetings.  However, country clubs make excellent venues for small to medium size meetings.  The advantage offered a business executive is again the privacy the country club offers.  Plus, getting away from the office from time to time is healthy for the morale of the employees.


The gathering of friends and acquaintances in a social environment is probably the main function a country club best manages and the one activity most people who are not members of a country club presume goes on at a country club.  Most country clubs provide an outstanding venue for all kinds of socializing.  From the simple hoisting of a beer after a round of golf to a sit-down lunch to a formal dinner, is all available to members of a country club.


One of the things many people do not realize is country clubbers really like to Party.   Whether it is a birthday party or a private get together to celebrate life, the county club offers the best venue. In a way, Country Clubs might have been formed around the people who like partying.  So, a country club could be a Fun place to be.

This is just a few things people at Country Clubs do.  Country clubs are social centers.  If you are social or want to be more sociable, country clubs could be a place to be.

Let me know how I can help.

Mr Business Golf

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