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by Mr Business Golf on May 19, 2011

Senior female leader I hear it almost everyday, “I’m a B2B Golf company; social media is not going to work for me.”

The truth is, there are a number of ways for B2B to use social media to advance the awareness of their product or service. In fact, B2B is the fastest growing sector for social media.  That is probably due to them being so far behind their B2C and non-profit counterparts.

There are several ways to use social tools to advance a business. Business need to show what they are all about through blogs, podcasts, videos and other content marketing methods. This offers potential customers an opportunity to ask questions or report problems.

A business can build communities around their subject matter by getting involved with LinkedIn groups. B2B can curate content from multiple sources and become a trusted source for information in their field. And that’s just the beginning.

Here’s a closer look at some of these methodologies.

Ideas/Content Marketing

One of the best ways to use social media channels for B2B is to create content showing innovative thinking and ideas in their field. No matter how small a niche the product or service falls into, there is a group of people who will be extremely interested in that information. Many of potential customers for B2B industries fall into that group of people.

By creating content offering helpful information on a consistent basis, a B2B will gain a reputation as an expert.  Eventually the business will be potential customers’ go-to source for information. Then, when they need products or services, the business will be among the first they think of using.

Creating your own blog is the easier ways to create content. The best way to make sure the content is consistent and posted frequently is to Hire someone to be on your staff or find someone within your organization that is a good blogger and passionate about the business’ subject matter.  Better yet, put together a team of bloggers to amplify the content. Inviting guest bloggers to contribute is also good.

Always embed the blog into the company website.  A blog in the website adds fresh content that is searchable forever. Plus, the Blog will produce SEO mojo, which drives more people to the website site.

Be Visual

Good camera work or good interviews produced on video or podcast also beefs up the content. Also, create white papers and webinars.  B2B’s could even create a series of helpful web videos to place on the company site to help clients get a better understanding of the business’ services.

Be Helpful

The better you are with helping the potential customer learn more about what your company offers the better possibility the customer is going to do business with you.  Pointing customers to other sources of information related to your services also helps show you are versed in your industry.

Being a curator of related content on the website or in the social networks, shows potential customer your concern for getting complete and actuate information to them.

Using Twitter and Facebook as well as LinkedIn to carry on conversations..complete conversations..with potential customers and clients help B2B improve their business’ image online.  Reaching out and touching other business people while in the social space does help raise the business’ ranking online.

These are just a few ways you can use social media tools to create prospects for your B2B company. And if there aren’t a lot of other companies in your field using them yet, that’s all the more reason to start now. It will help you stand out against your competition. So, if you or a B2B client is hesitant, don’t be. This is the time to start building your reputation and social media followers.

Let me know how I can help.

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