Press Release: Mr Business Golf Show Returns to the ClamBake Cafe!

by Mr Business Golf on May 24, 2011

MBG Show Header 2008 Flat Yes, that is right, the Mr Business Golf Show podcast is returning to the ClamBake Cafe.

Press Release:

Addison, Texas: May 21, 2011

Innovative Business Golf Solutions is excited to announce the return of the Mr Business Golf Show which will be posted as a podcast on the ClamBake Cafe web-site and other related/affiliated blogs and web-sites.  The first show will be posted June 1, 2011 on the ClamBake Cafe and Mr Business Golf blog


The Mr Business Golf Show, originally launched in 2007, revamped in 2009 and produced in Video format in 2010, features a talk show format where information on Golf, Business and Business Golf is passed on to listeners.  The weekly program will be in a Podcast format.  Video casting is being developed for the show and plans are to launch the MBG Vlog in the 3rd or 4th quarter 2011. The MBG Show is based out of Addison, Texas. The show will be recorded both in the IBGS Bagroom Studios in Addison, TX and at remote locations around the Dallas, Texas area. 

The Mr Business Golf Show features discussions related to the business of golf as well as reports on events, tournaments and other related  subjects.

“We will be offering our listeners information on All Things Golf.  Our mission is to bring to our listeners information about golf in hopes it will bring more people to playing golf. ”, said Scot Duke, CEO of Innovative Business Golf Solutions. 

New Face

Mr Business Golf Straight Small Face  Scot Duke, aka Mr Business Golf, will again be the host of the weekly podcast.  Mr. Duke has been blogging on the subject of business golf since 2005.

Krista Joining Scot as co-host of the New Business Golf Show will be Krista Kramer Hartman of She Kan Golf!.  Krista is a business performance coach and owner of She Kan Company.  Ms. Hartman is also active in the Executive Women’s Golf Association and is very passionate about the game of golf. Krista will bring her views of golf, women businesses and business golf to the show.  You can find out more about Krista at or

"I’m committed to giving back to golf, and committed to keeping golf and business connected by providing and finding neat opportunities to talk about golf or simply play golf with friends of golf, clients, potential clients, synergetic business partners, and people in the golf business.” ,said Krista Kramer Hartman, Owner of She Kan! Kompany.

The revised Mr Business Golf Show will be a weekly podcast using an informational talk show format to highlight the advantages and productive aspects golf can offer business people.  Krista and Scot will discuss between themselves the things ‘happening in golf and business’ as well as having interviews with guests who will be on the show from time to time.


IBGS’s mission is to help the golf industry find solutions to the challenges facing its success.  IBGS does this through services and strategic partnerships with luminaries both in the golf and non-golf business world.  The Mr Business Golf Show, ClamBake Cafe, Business Golf Country Club, Mr Business Golf Blog, and the Business Golf Advisory Group all are part of the Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC, effort to help business people improve their business operations.

The purpose of the Mr Business Golf Show’s is to offer its listeners viable information and thought provoking ideas on solutions to the many issues facing the Golf Industry’s as well as offer insight into why Golf is more than a ‘frilly’ recreational activity. 

“It has been my personal and professional mission for over 8 years to do what I can to get more people playing golf. The more people who play golf the better the golf industry will become.  I hope I can get more people to understand what golf is all about so they will take up playing golf. ”, said Scot Duke

The Mr Business Golf Show podcast will be posted on the following sites:

  • ClamBake Cafe
  • Mr Business Golf Blog
  • Business Golf Country Club
  • Biz Golf Guru Blog
  • She Kan Golf! Blog
  • Mr Business Golf Facebook Page (Under Construction)

More information can be obtained by contacting: Scot Duke Email: Mrbusinessgolf @ gmail (dot) Com or 214 549-0306

Information on sponsorships and advertising space is available by contacting: Scot Duke Email: Mrbusinessgolf @ gmail (dot) Com or 214 549-0306

Mr Business Golf

Scot Duke, aka Mr Business Golf Located in Addison, Tx, the capital of North Dallas. CEO/President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions Founder of the: -Business Golf Country Club -Business Golf Advisory Group -ClamBake Cafe Author of: How to Play Business Golf

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