Mr Business Golf Show Launches New Show

by D. Bisbee on June 3, 2011

OK, we can’t hold back the excitement any longer..

The Mr Business Golf Show is BACK!!

Needless to say, there is way too much going on in the business golf world for one person to report..more even two people report. So the New Mr Business Golf Show will now have three reporters-co-hosts of the show.  The New MBG Crew will be Scot Duke, Krista Kramer Hartman and Dave Bisbee.

MBG CBC 300 x 300 Krista Bisbee-headshot

What is New???  Geez..did you have to ask?

The New Mr Business Golf Show will be based on the Business Golf Country Club Site for the time being.  Eventually, the show will move to its own site and….yes…there will be more changes the MBG Show will go through.

For now the show will be

  • produced in a podcast format and as the show gains momentum the plan is to move quickly to a video format. 
  • a weekly show posted to the BGCC site each Friday AM. 
  • produced at remote location each month.
  • featuring a guest on each show to be interviewed
  • offering Business Coaching for Business Executive, Business Owners and Business Start-ups as part of the focus of the show.
  • changing…changing…and then change some more…

We love change…

There will be much more announced about the New Show as more is developed.  For now, the first show is produced with the Old theme tunes and the same type of studio recording format..did we mention that we like change?…so, you will see the show change from episode to episode.

But enough of the Blah-Blah..lets get to the show..hope you enjoy and PLEASE give us some feedback so we can change in the right direction.. ENJOY!!!

Download this MP3 – (Right Click)

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