Golf Skills Evaluation Could Improve Pace of Play

by Mr Business Golf on June 13, 2011

Test Image Not too many years ago there was talk about requiring golfers to take a skills evaluation so their play on the golf course could be managed.  This was just one of the many good ideas developed to solve the Pace of Play issue that still is occurring at golf courses around the world.

In reality, if there was a way for golf courses to manage golfers play by making sure they played from the correct tee box and observed rules set up for pace of play, there probably would be more people playing golf. 

Pace of play has run off many people who would enjoy golf but were intimidated with playing on a golf course due to how the group behind them would treat them for not having the same skill level.

Yes, skills testing is very controversial, so are cart path only golf courses.  However, if every one was certified for a certain level of play then the golf facilities would be able to manage their course’s play through, at the very minimum, making sure each player plays from the correct tee box.  This might cut down on the 20 handicappers trying to make the 240yd drive over water to impress his scratch golfer buddies.

Skills evaluation would also help the golfer know how to manager themselves when playing in front of or behind someone of a different skill level.

There still is a lot to be said about skills testing for managing golf courses.  Hopefully you have something constructive to offer.

Let me know how I can help.

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