Golf: The Tool Best Suited for Business

by Mr Business Golf on June 27, 2011

Business Golf dude in fairway “Hey, we are teeing it up at 11AM with ‘The Boss’..we need a forth, you want to play?” 

What is your answer?

Of course, if you don’t play golf the answer is obvious.  The fact is, if you do not play golf you are missing out on a great business opportunity.  How does that make you feel?

Most people who do not play golf and are asked to play in a business situation naturally let jealousy take over their common sense and react subversive which leads to a negative attitude towards golf. 

“No, Golf is a waste of time..I’ve got better things to do.”  or “ Are you kidding?!? is for dweebs!”

Once a non-golfer starts heading down the path of promoting anti-golf-dom, it is hard to turn around so the best thing for them to do is make a positive reaction like..learning to play golf.

Again, learning to play golf when you don’t want to learn to play golf is not healthy either.  However attempting to learn to play golf is worth the effort. Then after giving a wholehearted go at learning..say after two or three years… then stepping down from an offer of playing golf can be done with knowing what Golf is all about. 

Truly, golf is not for everyone, but in order to find out an attempt to learn to play golf is in order.

On the most part, if you are working towards advancement in a career or just want to stay on top of the latest going on in your business, it would be advisable to learn to play golf.  Golf is one of the strongest business development tool available for Boss’s as well as employees.  Golf is also a great way for entrepreneurs to expand their visibility in a market or to a client.  Golf really can open doors no other method of socializing can.

How to Learn to Play Golf

Naturally, the first steps towards learning to play golf should be taken with a professional golf instructor.  Also, expectations of learning golf overnight should be squelched and a mind set made from the beginning towards realizing it is going to take an untold amount of time to learn to play golf.

For those who like to get a fast start and develop social skills of golf while learning to play golf may want to consider going to a Golf School.  The boot camp approach does help develop the basic golf skills quickly.

Anyone who is learning to play golf so they can participate in a business function should take a few lessons from a Business Golf Coach.   A Business Golf Coach is someone who is more versed with business experience than golf instruction.  Actually, a Business Golf Coach should never attempt to change anyone’s golf game since learning to play Business Golf really has nothing to do with a person’s golf skill level and everything to do with professional imagery.

However the approach to learning the game of golf is to always think quality over quantity.  Just like in business, learning golf is best done with quality instruction.

Let me know how I can help.

Mr Business Golf

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