Mr Business Golf Show: Ep 5 July 1, 2011 New Programs

by Mr Business Golf on July 4, 2011

MBG-Logo-f It has been awhile since Dave Bisbee has been on the Mr Business Golf Show and like a true pro he never missed a mark.  Now, Krista Hartman was absent from this weeks show, but all is well..she is on assignment some where in the Bora-Bora area of Iowa.

It was Scot Duke and Dave Bisbee for episode 5 of the MBG Show.  To two masters of Business Golf again joined forces to talk up the advantages Golf has in developing new business.

In the mailbag portion of the show: Emails are still coming in asking about sponsorships and advertising on the show.  If you are interested in affordably expanding your digital footprint the show offers a wide range of options to explore.

New Program

Dave has been on the road since the beginning of the year developing pilots for programs that Scot, Krista and Dave will be offering the public later this year.  Currently, Dave has been piloting these programs in conjunction with the PGA Southwest Section in the Phoenix, AZ area.  These programs will feature workshops on how to use business golf to enhance a golf tournament’s sponsorship program.  The programs are targeted to helping golf facilities understand how the business community can benefit from the experience golf offers.  More details on these and other programs will be discussed in up coming Mr Business Golf Shows.

Journey of Golf

A multipart series of discussions will be held on the MBG Show highlighting how each of the hosts of the MBG Show began their journey through golf and the benefits golf has had in helping them get to where they are today.  Stay tuned to the MBG Show for announcements on when the Journey of Golf will be presented.

Sedona Golf Resort Remodel

The Sedona Golf Resort in Sedona, AZ has just finished an update remodel of the training center.  Dave Bisbee is instructor at the resort and invites everyone up to see the new facilities.



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