The ‘Hay Day’ for Golf Will Return!

by Mr Business Golf on July 13, 2011

hay haul In almost every meeting I have with business people who play golf I am asked when I think the ‘Hay Day’ for Golf will return?  There are several ways I approach answering this question which all lead to saying the same thing… the popularity of golf as it was ten years ago may never return and to sit and wait on it to return before playing golf, or making a personal investment into playing golf does not help golf, especially the business golf community.

There have been a number of changes of the guard for golf over the past four years.  Tiger Woods has grown up and is no longer the innocent young golf phenomenon drawing millions of people of all ages to playing golf.  The economic crash of 2008 took the wind out of many people’s lifestyles forcing them to adjust their discretionary spending, while the remaining corrupt business executives were seen on the golf courses of the world making anyone who plays golf to be seen in the same bad light they created. 

What is it going to take to turn all this around?

Getting Golf’s popularity back to where it was a few years ago may never happen.  There are a number of challenges facing Golf all of which play into each other like the spokes on a wheel.  You just can’t fix one without fixing them all.  The fuel needed to run the engine of the recovery of golf’s popularity to the masses is reduced cost for playing golf.  Naturally, right now, the economy is not helping. 

Fortunately, once golf becomes affordable again to play the other issues will be forced into being resolved.  What will help until time changes the economic environment golf is in is for everyone who can get out and play golf.  Cost savings can be made through innovative thinking.  If thinking out of the box is not something easy for you to do, then hire someone who can.

It is going to take a lot of work, but there still will be a ‘Hay Day’ for golf again.  It just will not look the same as before.  Get out and play golf.  If you don’t play, learn how.  Golf is one of the best business tools available.  Golf is worth the investment.

Let me know how I can help.

Mr Business Golf

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