Private Golf Clubs: Meet-Ups Must Be Part of Social Media

by Mr Business Golf on August 5, 2011

Group of golf players To gain greater exposure to their market private golf club’s will need to produce Meet-Ups as part of their social media campaign.

If your private golf club is just entering the social networking thousands of them are…you may have seen the term ‘Meet-Up’ used in the posts read.  Like..’Hey!, are you going to the Meet-Up tonight?’…or ‘Wow, that Meet-Up last night was awesome’.

meet up (with somebody)

To see and talk to someone familiar or someone you do not know Let’s meet up for drinks after work. I met up with a couple of Australians on the train.

A Meet-Up means just that..people physically meeting somewhere.  Now for clarity, the term Meet-Up is not to be confused with the term Hook-Up that is also used a lot in the content from time to time.  There is a total different meaning that will maybe need to be better explained in another blog with another theme.  I’ll leave it with; it is possible a Meet-Up could lead to a Hook-Up.


There is also a social networking site called Meet-Up ( is for people, businesses or causes to create a group and invite people to Meet-Up at a location near-by.   For the many who know about Meet-Up you know there is a lot of activity and events on that site. 

Many of you may have already attended a Meet-Up organized by one of the thousands of groups who have already created a Meet-Up page.  If not, check it out.  For golf businesses and especially private golf clubs, Meet-Ups play to what Golf is all about..being social.

Shot In the Arm for Social Media

As social media rapidly evolves into the next, yet un-named, level of marketing, more physical eye-to-eye contact with people will be needed to validate the worthiness of social media.  All social media efforts depending totally on an online presence will quickly fade away. 

Private golf clubs and golf businesses who create meet-up opportunities will become the places to be.  For golf businesses, the meet-up will become much more powerful of a marketing tool and will enhance their online social media.  Meet-Ups will become part of the ‘Closer’ for a private golf club’s social media. 

Hummm!  Could this be where the ROI for social media been hiding? 

There is no fighting it…golfers are social animals..always will be.  Doing things offline are importance to golfers. 

There will always be the online G+ Hangouts, Skype-Ups and Chats to connect with golfers not located in the same regions of the world.  Those online venues will only be enhanced when offline meet-ups are added.  As more meet-ups are created, the out-of-towners’ will see the value of traveling to a Meet-Up if it serves their interest or purpose.

Private golf clubs need to place Meet-Ups as an important (if not necessary) part of their social media campaigns.  Once their online community reaches critical mass a Meet-Up becomes a natural progression towards building greater trust with their members..and potential members.  Having a balance between an offline and online presences has proven time again as the most productive and complete method of social media.

Attend a Meet-Up of interest or, better yet, schedule your own Meet-Up!  Who knows..I may even show up! 

Let me know how I can help.

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