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by Dave Bisbee on January 23, 2012

Biz Golf GuruI know, I have been absent for a while…sometimes life takes you in directions you weren’t quite expecting. Kind of like golf…even some of your best intentions for a particular shot can end up with the ball taking a bad bounce, being hit by an unexpected gust of wind, or you simply were off by one club and the ball just barely doesn’t carry the hazard… we’ve all been there done that.

To keep going with this golf analogy, in life, and golf, you can only control the things you can control. In other words in golf you can control what you do in preparation for a shot, and you can control what you do through the execution of the shot. But once that shot has left the club your control has ended. The next point of control you have is in how you react to the results… good or bad…lucky or unlucky. This is what I think separates high achievers from others. The ones who can take bad breaks in stride and make the appropriate adjustments for poor execution will win the day.

A New Year for New Adventures

With the lights of 2011 fading in my rear view mirror and the skyline of 2012 spreading in front of me I am looking forward to introducing you to some new “guru” partners who will be joining me on this journey by adding valuable insights.

I am not sure how your New Years resolutions are holding up but so far so good for the Biz Golf Guru…one of mine was to get back to writing my blog. In the coming weeks I will try to bring you some pearls of wisdom from some of the most progressive success coaches I know, some related to golf and some not, and I will try to help you stoke the motivational fires that keep the ball moving down the fairway.

Dave Bisbee

Dave Bisbee has been around the golf business for 30 years and brings to Biz Golf Guru his experience as both a business owner and golf professional. Dave will serve as the anchor for the Biz Golf Guru team of contributors by offering his unique insights of business golf as seen through the eyes of someone who has managed golf courses, golf companies and as a golf teaching professional.

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