Pebble Beach Reversal

by Dave Bisbee on February 15, 2012

phil-mickleson-tiger-woods-pebble-beach-2012Wow! Talk about witnessing story unfold in a way that is so unexpected that it leaves you questioning what you saw… that was what happened when Tiger Woods met Phil Mickelson on Sunday at Pebble. How appropriate that the AT&T Pro-Am has so many Hollywood celebrities in the field because the performance that played out could not have been written and pitched to any Hollywood producer because it wouldn’t have been believable.

I’ve Seen This Movie Before

About half way through the last round Tiger must have been thinking…I’ve seen this movie before but something is wrong… Phil isn’t following the script. I’m supposed to make the putts that count and he’s supposed to fade under my dominating shot-making.

But this plot had a twist that no one expected. Mickelson hit all the right shots at the right times while Tiger hit it all over the park and missed putts that your group would call gimmes. It will be interesting to see how Tiger responds to this latest Sunday collapse. Maybe he should borrow one of Boo Weekly’s camouflage  shirts instead of the red one he wears for final rounds… perhaps he would be less conspicuous if he continues his Sunday retreats down the leader board.

Golf and Business Long Connected

Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Babe RuthNow for some Pebble Beach trivia. Did you know that the tournament was originally called the Clam Bake? That’s right Bing Crosby used to host the event to bring together Hollywood types…studio companies, screen writers, actors, agents, etc. and people that were potential investors that might fund the next big blockbuster. It all started in 1937 and in many ways it was one of the earliest “ social networking” events long before tweet ups, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Yep golf was part of the mix as well and Bing would invite the top professionals of the time to partner up with the celebs and the bankers for some friendly competition and the chance to rub shoulders with people that wouldn’t otherwise get to meet. That concept has been kept alive over the years as the event has gone from the Crosby Clam Bake to the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. You see the best professional players of the era paired with celebrities from every entertainment medium and titans of industry… and if you think they are all there for the fun of it you would be mistaken. There is business being done out there on the links. Sure they have some fun along the way but be assured that between shots mergers were struck…a movie got funded, and future business relationships were forged… just like Bing Crosby imagined.

Dave Bisbee

Dave Bisbee has been around the golf business for 30 years and brings to Biz Golf Guru his experience as both a business owner and golf professional. Dave will serve as the anchor for the Biz Golf Guru team of contributors by offering his unique insights of business golf as seen through the eyes of someone who has managed golf courses, golf companies and as a golf teaching professional.

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