I Play Golf Because…I Like It!

by Mr Business Golf on February 19, 2012

I’ve answered this question a few times in my career which spans across a long period of time.  What is interesting now is the answer I give is usually never the same.  I guess that is what makes playing Golf different than playing other sports or games.  There are just so many reasons to play golf.

Overall, I play golf for relaxation.  Yes, golf is relaxing if you play it knowing you are not going to beat Tiger Woods, but could take down you 9 yr old grandson..for now.  I also play golf for business.  No, I am not a professional golfer per say, just a golfer who plays golf with clients or potential clients to get a better understanding of the true person I am dealing with.

Many people don’t use golf as I do and that is perfectly OK.  That is what makes golf a versatile activity for many.  I find most people who ask me why I play golf don’t play golf and in nearly all cases have a complete misunderstanding of golf.  Many say they have tried golf and hate it.  However when I drill down to how they started to play golf or learned to play golf I found they have never stepped off the mats of a driving range to play golf on a golf course…or, never was taught to play golf.

It really is a shame how golf is negatively perceived by so many people.  Granted, if your only exposure to golf is watching it on TV then it is understandable how so many people can get the impression golf is only played by a bunch of conceded snobs.  Same goes if your only view of golf is from reading comments made about golf on Twitter.

I wholeheartedly respect when someone I just played golf with asks me why I play golf.  It does not shock them one bit when I answer…I just like it!

Hopefully, I get to play golf with you someday so you can understand what I am talking about.  Let me know how I can help.

Mr Business Golf

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