Interview with the Biz Golf Guru: Dave Bisbee

by Mr Business Golf on March 7, 2012

It is no secret I have been part of the business golf community for over eight years now.  During my travels through the social spaces online and adventures I have been part of offline I have run into several other fellow business golfers who also are out putting forth a tremendous effort to help golf grow through business golf.  One of the pioneers of today’s business golf revolution is Dave Bisbee.  I have been working with Dave for most of my time in the the business golf arena and it was my privilege to recently sit down with Dave to ask him a few question I am sure will help you understand more about what business golf is all about and how it works.


Dave BisbeeBiz Golf Guru Founder

Meet Dave Bisbee who runs the ultimate in comprehensive game improvement center at Sedona Golf Resort, Sedona Arizona and provides the only integrated system combining golf instruction, custom club fitting, and mental  conditioning available today.

Anchored by Dave Bisbee the Center provides an environment that welcomes new golfers to the game, helps the seasoned golfer achieve higher levels of performance, and offers a unique series of programs for business executives.  A proprietary “Mental Game” program helps golfers gain a deeper understanding of self which leads to a clear cut plan for setting and achieving goals

With more than 35 years of experience Dave is renowned for his innovative methods and easy going style helping thousands of golfers gain greater satisfaction through improved performance.  Known by his peers as a teacher of teachers, Dave has pioneered an integrated system linking mind, body, and Golf. This holistic approach connects the dots that lead to achieving goals.

Dave has authored several books, articles and instructional videos as well as many innovative programs for Fortune 500 companies that combine golf with executive development.

Following is my interview with the Biz Golf Guru.

Mr Business Golf: We have been out talking a lot about business golf over the years but I have never asked you straight up What is Business Golf to you?

Dave: To me it is any of a number of golf experiences that are intended to affect a business objective. It could be to establish or strengthen a customer relationship… or to have the opportunity to bond with team members… or to uncover potential new business opportunities.

MBG: We share in our push towards bringing business golf to more business people as a way to enhance their enjoyment of the game. What are your thoughts on How can Business Golf help Golf?

Dave: By making the game a part of their business strategy. Many companies have shied away from golf over the past few years because of the perception that it is a wasteful use of time and money. If they know how to use it the game can be one of the most powerful and cost effective methods of CRM and relationship marketing that there is.

MBG: You and I have been round and round with thinking out are joint approach to helping Golf find solutions to what is keeping it from growing, Why do you think Golf is not used by more business people?

Dave: I think it probably boils down to the 2 most common challenges which you and I have talked about so often… Time…and Money. Maybe there is some hesitation with regards to skill level but I don’t think that is as much of a factor.

MBG: I am asked by business people who are finding golf as a great addition to their business networking what to expect as they use it more.  To you What is a perfect round of Business Golf?

Dave: Well if there is any such thing… but for me it is when I have picked the right people for the experience and matched it with the perfect venue, and I have managed to foresee all of the potential mishaps so there are no surprises. Oh and at the end we all have agreed to next steps.

MBG: We both are contacted by golf courses, private golf clubs and other golf related business people asking for our advice on possible solutions we see they should consider to get through the slumping economy and grow their business.  In your view What has Golf need to do better or change to encourage more business people to play golf?

Dave: I really believe that the industry has to do a better job of selling the multitude of ways in which the game can be experienced. Too many people in and outside of the industry keep trying to sell golf as 18 holes and that’s it. That just perpetuates the notion that the game takes too much time. We need to develop a more a la carte approach. A business lunch at a golf course is a golf experience… a visit to the driving range after work hours to hit a few balls and share a drink is a  golf experience… and 9 holes at the end of the day or on a weekend can suffice. We just need to change the mind set of “golf takes 5to6 hours to play”.

MBG: We talk nearly daily hammering out are approach to enlighten more people to how golf can be used as a business tool and discuss in detail how as a business, or recreation, Golf has got to change to survive.  Where do you see Golf in Five Years?

Dave: That is a really BIG question. There are so many things that can affect where the game goes…for the most part I think there will be a resurgence of it’s popularity because it is becoming such a global game…I mean the economy can’t be bad everywhere at once can it? And I hope that people like you and I will have some influence on the strategic benefits of the game as it pertains to business. Ask me again in 2017.

Dave and I will be having our annual summit meeting this Spring out in Phoenix, Arizona.  I hope to be able to expand upon these and more questions with Dave while I am out there so I can bring to this forum more insight into what Business Golf can to do help the golf industry.  Big thanks to Dave for taking the time to provide you his views and until later, let me know how I can help.

Mr Business Golf

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