Watching the Magic Happen

by Renee Mancino on March 18, 2012

photo (11)puzzle ballAttending Women on Course events reaffirms my belief that if more women used golf for business, magic could happen and it did in Atlanta.

If you are not familiar with Women on Course, it is an inclusive national networking organization built on a business golf platform. WOC provides entry into golf through off course venues or on course events with activities available to all skill levels including those brand new to the game. Golf becomes secondary to the opportunities afforded from meeting other women in the business community and growing professional networks.

Atlanta Becomes a Believer

Last Saturday I headed to Atlanta for the WOC market kick-off luncheon and to meet the team members of the host sponsor. Cutting to the chase….the event exceeded everyone’s expectations considering Atlanta is not a tier one city for WOC, but after Saturday it very well could be.

I took a moment to zero-in on conversations while lunch was served and the content could be compared to a Fortune 500 boardroom including the golf stories. Business cards were being passed around and smart phone calendar entries were abundant. Guests new to the game became excited to learn more about golf and sought advice from avid players on purchasing clubs, shoes, etc. The sign up list for future events were quickly filled in and women who just met each other were making dates to pair up for the next WOC play day.

Here’s what went right:


· The WOC staff, its ambassadors and host sponsor did a great job of recruiting guests, drawing in executive women from all industries including Banking, Insurance, Retail, Technology, Consulting, Marketing and Charitable organizations

· The host venue created an intimate setting for a large group of women

· An ice breaker activity was organized to engage introductions

· The Host Sponsor came prepared to monetize their investment beyond the luncheon

· The podium messaging from the WOC staff reached all members in the audience, including those new to the sport

· Ample support staff/ambassadors were present to personally meet all the women in the room, give their full attention to guests with questions, resulting in almost record sign-up of new members

· Product sponsors provided generous gifts for attendees

· WOC made sure enough activities were on the calendar to announce at the event and to keep the WOC momentum going

A few days after the event I followed up with some guests and our host sponsor to thank them for coming and asked what they thought about Women on Course and the luncheon. Based on the feedback all I can say is they felt the magic too.

What Women on Course does so well is “showing” golf is good for business rather then “telling” golf is good for business. Additionally, by providing alternative formats to draw businesswomen into a very traditional sport eliminates the perception that golf is too exclusive and too complex to learn.

In a few weeks I will be off to Phoenix for another WOC event and fully expect the same result as Atlanta.

Renee Mancino

Renee Mancino, located in Chicago, IL, Inclusion and Diversity Consultant to the golf industry, Independent Contractor for the Women on Course Organization, Co-Owner of Chicago Outdoor Media, 20 year amateur golfer, and intent on proving breaking 80 was not a fluke.

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