Private Golf Clubs: Social Media Should Be In Their Goal

by Mr Business Golf on April 6, 2012

Clubhouse2. I recently spoke to 110 members of the Golf Association of Philadelphia on the subject of Social Media-How Private Golf Clubs Should Use It.  I was exciting to learn the GAP is looking towards the future of the golf industry and searching for ways to deal with the change facing golf today.  Hopefully, what I offered them will get them on the way to success.

Change or Be Changed

One of the issues most private golf clubs are addressing is how to deal with the culture change and the next generation’s attitude towards private golf clubs.  As more and more people and business accept the new technologies associated with improving their lives, so will private golf clubs.  Understanding social networking and how social media works is a must if a private golf club expects to solve this problem.

However, private clubs should not just go forward accepting the most popular method of social networking or a plan that is created as a template all private clubs should use.  Every private club has to determine what works for them and their membership.  The type of social media they should use and the style of social networking that will work for them is determined by the Club’s mission, goal and purpose.

Frank Rutan (GAP President) and Scot Duke  Clear Mission

If the mission of a private golf club is clear and forward thinking then the direction the club is taking will lead them the right path to success.  If the mission is not clear are relevant to today’s fast paced world then maybe the mission of the club needs to change. 

I say could be and maybe because there are always going to be some reasoning a club will have that would explain why they are not going to be able to use social media.  These will be the clubs who will find it hard to replace members as the result of natural; attrition.

The mission tells potential members where the club is heading.

Solid Goals

Every private golf club should have a goal.  Without a goal the club will quickly become stagnant.  Nobody wants to be a member of a club that is going nowhere.

A goal every club should have is to take on the changes facing them and accomplish the goals by teaming with the membership.  Every club should have as their goal to offer their membership modern amenities.

Worthy Purpose

The purpose of every private club is different.  However, no matter what purpose the club has set forth as why it is a club, it should service its members and community.  The club being social online is one way to communicate its purpose.

What type of social media the club should, would or could use is determined by its mission, goal and purpose.  There is no template or one way that works better than others for private clubs.

Every club needs to make ‘being social’ part of their mission, goal and purpose.  This one change will help the club move forward and attract new members.

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