Black BGCC logo The Business Golf Country Club is a social/business networking club created especially for the business golfer.  The BGCC uses a more operational style of social and business networking which is based on building business relationships through conversation, socializing and…of course..playing golf.

The BGCC is first and foremost a ‘Club’.  The difference in a Club and a Group, or gathering of individuals, is everyone in a club joins for a specific purpose where as in a group people join for multitudes of different reasons, most with hidden agendas.  In the BGCC the purpose is specific.

The purpose of the BGCC is to promote Golf, its members and the businesses associated.  The BGCC has a built-in social media aspect unmatched by any other golf related association.

Currently: The BGCC is gathering on Facebook with a ‘Think Tank’ group created on LinkedIn.  Mr Business Golf..aka, Scot Duke, leads the way with offering the members information related to the different segments of the golf and business industries.

The goal is to gather strategic partners who understand the impact the BGCC can make on the business community and from that association develop a social/business platform that would offer the BGCC membership a professional web presence.

Stay tuned to the latest from the Business Golf Country Club by connecting to any of the sites associated to its Digital Media Footprint.