Sedona, AZ –  March 21,2011 Dave Bisbee, President of D. B. Golf, Inc, announced today the launch of the Biz Golf Guru Blog site located at

The BizGolfGuru (BGG) blog site is dedicated to the pursuit of highlighting the advantages the game of Golf has on any business’ development.  The BGG blog will feature articles on the subject of business, golf and business golf from Dave Bisbee and a number of experts in the field of business golf like Scot Duke, aka, Mr Business Golf CEO of Innovative Business Golf Solutions; Vito Berlingeri , Marketing Director for the PGA Southwest Section; Doug Leonard, Marketing Director of Strategic Solutions International (SSI).

“I feel very strongly that business golf plays a major part in improving the golf economy.  More people need to know about what business golf is about, how business golf can help their business and how golfers can develop a greater purpose to play golf through using their golf game a a business tool.”, said Dave Bisbee.

The contributing authors to the Biz Golf Guru blog site represent over one hundred years of business and golf experience.  Along with articles illuminating the aspects of golf that work to enhance business opportunities there will be announcements of conferences, seminars and workshops golfers and business people can attend to learn more about playing golf, developing effective business development practices as well as how to play business golf.  The BGG mission is to provide a forum for discussion and learning of the issues surrounding Golf and business.

“I applaud Dave’s initiative to bring forth his expertise in business golf to the Biz Golf Guru blog site and I am very excited to be part of the team of bloggers dedicated to showing businesses how Golf can improve their business‘ opportunities.”, said Scot Duke

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Sedona, AZ – March 1, 2011Dave Bisbee, President of D. B. Golf, Inc, announced today the launch of the DB Golf Training Center located at the Sedona Golf Resort in Sedona, AZ.

Dave Bisbee is at the center of DB Golf Training Center, the ultimate in comprehensive game improvement centers.  The DB Golf Training Center is located at Sedona Golf Resort, Sedona Arizona and provides the only integrated system combining golf instruction, custom club fitting, and mental conditioning available today. Anchored by Dave Bisbee the Center provides an environment that welcomes new golfers to the game, helps the seasoned golfer achieve higher levels of performance, and a unique series of programs for business executives.

The DB Golf Training features a proprietary “Mental Game” program that helps golfers gain a deeper understanding of self which leads to a clear cut plan for setting and achieving their goals.

With more than 35 years of experience Dave is renowned for his innovative methods and easy going style helping thousands of golfers gain greater satisfaction through improved performance.  Known by his peers as a teacher of teachers Dave has pioneered an integrated system that links mind, body, and Golf. This holistic approach connects the dots leading to achieving personal and professional goals.

Dave has authored several books, articles and instructional videos as well as many innovative programs for Fortune 500 companies that combine golf with executive development.

My DB Golf Training Center brings all of my 35 years of experience in golf instruction together to offer anyone at any level of golf skill a unique opportunity to improve their golf game which leads to a greater satisfaction and enthusiasm towards themselves achieving their potential.  My motto has always been to make things simple.  If I can show people how to make learning to play golf to be simple they will have more fun playing golf.  The more fun they have playing golf the more they are going to play and persuade others to learn to play golf.  That helps me to meet my personal goal of introducing golf to more people.”, said David Bisbee

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